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We not only build and renovate, we provide specialist maintenance services for the elderly and vulnerable.

What we do

To the average estate agent, the property you’ve inherited is just bricks and mortar. But to you it’s so much more. Where they see a neglected garden, you see your childhood playground. When they describe a fireplace in need of repair, you recall the roaring log fire that warmed the house. And when you walk into the “kitchen with potential” you hear the echo of laughter from the room that was the heart of your home for a generation.

If it's fallen into disrepair, don't despair. We thrive on helping people like you to improve and restore a property to its full value. We can:

Enable frost-guard settings on radiators, check outside pipes in freezing weather and keep a property in good condition throughout the winter.

Perform window-cleaning, post and litter pick-up, lawn and plant trimming, and many other laborious jobs. All to keep the property in excellent condition for marketing and sale.

We can create detailed inventories of a property’s contents, as well as valuing and selling any items of worth, such as artworks or jewellery.

From large items such as furniture, to unwanted paint cans in sheds or garages, we can remove and dispose of it safely and responsibly.

We take care of you

Even if you decide not to proceed with a renovation or sale right now, we can still assist with useful options. The complicated parts of homeownership that qualified professionals deal with as their bread and butter.

Things like arranging valuations, security inspections and organising the right insurance forms.

We can help you with a customised work package to suit your specific needs, for anything property-related. We take care of everything so you don't have to.

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